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Got any questions?

See if the answer to your question is here. If not, please email us at or call 01273 202124 and we'll get back to you asap.

How much does a service cost?
Some bikes need more work than others, so we think the fairest way is to charge by the hour, plus parts. We charge £50 an hour for labour and the average labour charge is usually two hours: £100. Kids bikes – and bikes that don't need much work – are quicker to do and cost less.

We bring your bike to our workshop for free to give you an accurate, no-obligation estimate before we start work, so you won't get any surprises. If you don't want us to go ahead, you're free to say no thank you. And all our prices include VAT.
Can I drop my bike off and/or collect it?
Of course! But please make an appointment first. And have a look at the first FAQ above.
The bike shop I went to says my bike’s not worth repairing and I should buy a new one. Is this true?
In our experience very, very few bikes cannot be repaired. And bike shops love selling shiny new bikes. You wouldn’t be the first to come to us with a bike that’s been sniffed at by a bike shop but that we’ve been able to whip back into shape. Give us a call and we'll come and take a look at your bike for free and let you know.
Do you add VAT to the price you quote?
No. VAT is included in our prices.
How about obscure parts and repairs?
No problem. We hold a wide range of parts and accessories and have a wide variety of suppliers so we can usually track down even the most obscure parts. Plus we love a challenge. Bring it on!
How soon can you service my bike?
You can check out our live servicing availability any time.

How soon we're able to service your bike often depends on the time of year. From October to February pick up is usually possible within 24 - 48 hours. Between March and September it can be longer, depending how busy we are, so it's a good idea to book at least five days in advance if you can.

We time our pick-ups like this so we only need to keep your bike for 24-48 hours (in 90% of cases) and you spend as little time as possible off the road.
How long will you need my bike?
90% of bikes are ready for delivery the day after collection.
Can you give accurate pick up and drop off times?
Yes, to the nearest half hour. If we're delayed for any reason you'll get a call. You can find out more about it here Collections and Deliveries
I'm at work all day, when can you pick up my bike?
We collect and deliver any time from 8am to 7.30pm, seven days a week. We’re also happy to pick up from one address and deliver to another, including your workplace, if it helps. Have a look here. Collections and Deliveries
Do you buy bikes?
Sorry, we don't buy bikes. If you have a second-hand bike to sell try the Friday-Ad, eBay, Gumtree or a local second-hand bike shop.
Do you sell bikes?
We don't sell off-the-peg bikes. However we do create unique and amazing Specialbikes. which our happy clients tell us are even better than a new bike.
Do you clean my bike?
Yes, it’s all part of the service. Removing dirt, grime and accumulated gunk is essential for the smooth running of your bike. It doesn't take long once it's in the stand and the look of amazement on some customers' faces when they get it back is well worth it.
Is my bike safe with you?
Thousands of customers have trusted us with their much-loved bikes over the last ten years. If you’d feel happier knowing where your bike is going, by all means bring it down to us and have a look around. Just ring ahead and give us a bit of notice in case it’s a busy time.
How long does it take to check my bike and give an estimate?
About five minutes.
Is it really worth repairing my bike? New ones don’t seem to cost that much these days.
Please! Don't buy a really cheap new bike before you read this article. You’ll only regret it. Very cheap bikes go out of tune very quickly, they’re not much fun to ride and require more work. If you have a bike you feel comfortable with that's fallen on hard times we strongly recommend that you talk to us before you buy a new one. You could even give it the Specialbike treatment.
How can I pay?
We accept cash on delivery, or all major cards over the phone before we deliver.
Why haven't you replied to my message or booking request?
We reply to every single message and booking request we get. If you haven’t heard back we may not have had the correct phone number or email for you. Please do try again!
Who does your advertising?
Our flyers and adverts are designed by the very talented Steve Swingler. Click here for his homepage.
Do you service electric bikes?
Yes, we do! Please let us know your bike is electric when you make your booking to make sure our expert mechanic is standing by to give it the once over.
Do you sell second-hand parts?
No. When replacing broken or worn out parts we only use new ones. That way we can provide you with a bike that works perfectly as well as a warranty for any new bits and pieces.
I just want to buy a tyre or a chain. Is that ok?
Sure - we stock over a thousand parts.. Feel free to come down and hopefully we'll have what you need.
Forgotten anything?
After we collect your bike, if you realise you forgot to tell us something about it or about what needs doing please just get in touch. It’s best to email: If that’s not possible, call 01273 202124. Either way, we’ll get right on it.
Can I come and collect my bike?
Certainly. When we contact you to say your bike is ready just let us know you want to collect it and we’ll arrange it then.
What happens if you find something that will increase the cost?
If we discover something that will significantly increase the cost once we’ve started servicing your bike we’ll call you to discuss it before going any further. But we take a common sense approach - if we discover that you need an extra cable, inner tube or something else small that won’t make a significant difference to your estimate then we’ll often just go ahead. We find that most customers are happier with a finished bike which needed an extra part that added £7 to their bill, than to find out their bike isn’t finished because we couldn’t get hold of them to get permission to replace the part.

That said, some people prefer to make it very clear when we collect their bike that they are not willing to spend any more than the estimate. We write this clearly on the job ticket and under no circumstances will we exceed the estimate without speaking to you first.
Do you supply and fit accessories?
We certainly do. We stock a wide range of parts and accesories and for anything else we have accounts with all the major UK distributors.
Can I have a free bell?
We are always happy to fit a bell to your bike for free – just ask.
I’m going away: can you store my bike for me?
This really depends on the time of year and how busy we are. For a few days, probably. For weeks or months, no.
Please note: For bikes left at the workshop for more than two weeks without prior agreement, we charge £3 per day storage.
Do you work on site?
No. We collect and deliver free of charge, but assessments, estimates and all work is carried out in the workshop.