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The South Coast Bikes Care Kit

A question we are frequently asked is "How can I best look after my bike?"

To try and best answer this question we are pleased to present our 'Basic Bicycle Care Guide'. This article outlines a number of simple steps, requiring no tools, that we believe will have the maximum benefit to your riding experience, keeping your bike running as smoothly as possible between services.

To complement the article, we are also pleased to provide our all-in-one care kit containing the four items you will need, as described in the article.

We are selling the care kit for just £30, which is the RRP of the first item on its own.

It consists of:

  • A premium quality track pump (make/model depending on availability but is usually Park, Zefal or Blackburn).
  • A 500ml Can of GT85. The ideal lightweight spray lubricant and water displacer with PTFE.
  • A 125ml pot, with dispenser nozzle of cycle-specific chain oil.
  • A wedge of pre cut workshop rags.

You can buy a care kit for delivery anywhere in the UK using the following links (there is a courier delivery charge of £7)

Pay Via

Or, if you're having your bike put through our 33-Step Bike Service and you'd like one the care kits, just let us know when you book or whilst we've got your bike and we'll be pleased to deliver one along with your bike.

Alternatively, feel free to pop by the workshop and we'll be happy to supply you with a ready made care kit to go.