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Our 33 Step Service

Every bike we receive goes through the 33 Steps. This is what we'll do to your bike...

Stage 1 - The Assessment:

  • Put bike in stand.
  • Check frame and forks for damage and alignment.
  • Check tyres for cracks and any other signs of perishing. If ok and not clearly punctured, fully inflate.
  • Give it a whirl (where possible). Lubricate all points, assess any major wear and damaged or seized components or accessories.
  • Remove any broken/superfluous components, parts or accessories.
  • Spin wheels. Check trueness and for any broken/damaged spokes. Assess condition of rims for buckles, dents and wear to braking surface. Check hubs for smooth running and straightness of axle/skewer.
  • Check headset and bottom bracket for play and smooth running.
  • Attempt to operate gears and brakes. Assess.
  • Any other specific requests.

At this point if you're waiting for a final quote or we find anything extra, we'll get in touch.

Stage 2 – The Strip:

  • Remove chain (if necessary).
  • Remove any damaged/worn/seized cables and brake pads.
  • Remove wheels.
  • Remove any other worn/damaged/to-be-replaced components.
  • Remove any worn/damaged/to-be-replaced contact points - saddle, pedals, grips, handlebar tape etc.

Stage 3 – The Clean:

Once we know that nothing else is coming off the bike, we clean the frame, components and wheels. This is essential for the smooth running of your bike. We always clean by hand, using a biodegradable citrus degreaser, and no water. We will also remove any rust spots, paint marks and scratches where possible.

Stage 4 – The Rebuild:

  • Replace tubes, tyres and/or wheels (as necessary).
  • Adjust/overhaul hubs, replace axles/skewers and any broken/damaged spokes (as necessary).
  • True wheels.
  • Adjust/overhaul/replace headset and/or bottom bracket (as necessary).
  • Fit any new major components.
  • Refit any removed components.
  • Fit any new cables or brake blocks.
  • Refit wheels.
  • Refit/replace and measure chain if removed.
  • Replace pedals, saddle, grips, handlebar tape (as necessary/requested).
  • Check/secure/replace any extra fittings, racks, mudguards etc.
  • Fit any requested lights/accessories/extras.
  • Anything else required.

Stage 5 – The Tune:

  • Check/reposition/secure handlebars, stem, headset, seat post, saddle.
  • Check/adjust/tune operation of gears – this includes setting the range, alignment and position of the derailleurs and adjusting the position of the rear derailleur hanger if necessary.
  • Check/adjust/tune brakes – this includes repositioning and ‘toeing in’ of the brake pads to reduce/eradicate squeal.
  • Road test.
  • Adjust height and angle of saddle and handlebars on delivery if required.

All of this can take from less than an hour to several hours. When it's done, your bike will purr.


  • This is a generalisation, every job is different and we're not working on a conveyor belt here. We adapt to your requirements and budget.
  • Please don't read this and think "that must take forever/cost a fortune." Lots of points are marked 'as necessary' for a reason. We do this a lot, and we have got very efficient at it.
  • Left unmentioned here: internal hub gears, suspension, forks, disc brakes, handlebar conversions, wheel building, resprays etc. Rest assured, we do it all.
  • For any purists out there wanting to pick this to pieces, we are well aware that some jobs would necessitate a different order!

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